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Published February 8, 2018


Did you parents ever tell you: “If you’re going to do a job, do it right the first time?”

Parents are smart. Of course, back then you were probably cleaning out the garage or mowing the lawn. But the lesson has lifelong applications. The truth is, doing a project right the first time can save a whole lot of wasted time and money.

Countless studies have shown opting for quality over price is the economic winner. Millions of Americans, for instance, buy a succession of cheap toasters, washing machines, or tools only to find they have to replace them every two-to-three years. Over time, the price of the quality item that seemed too expensive at the time would have been a bargain compared to the dollars spent on multiple purchases of substandard products.

The same dynamic applies in business. Whether manufacturing plants or commercial businesses, executives, and managers understandably try to minimize the cost of necessary improvements with an eye to the bottom line. We understand your pain at having to fund major improvements, but sometimes it’s necessary to keep your company safe, growing, and prosperous. In other words, our parents were right.

Piping Installation - PSIAt PSI (PSI), you not only get process piping, fire protection, HVAC, and electrical services done right the first time, you also benefit from our award-winning safety program, our commitment to quality, and a no B.S. warrantythat goes well beyond the industry standard. We’ve talked to so many clients who’ve come to us after having a bad experience because they jumped at a low price or an inexperienced firm.

Here is what they have told us about their experience…
For starters, the job was awarded based solely on the lowest price without regard to service or quality. Many purchasing decisions of piping and plumbing projects are set up this way and the purchaser really does not know how to discern what constitutes a quality installation versus a shoddy one. The job was installed and, when completed, did not work as intended. The purchaser tried to get the contractor back to “fix” the problem.

What happened next?
The contractor explained that the job was done “according to the specs” and that any repairs will be billed at “cost-plus.” Many calls go back and forth causing a high level of aggravation and frustration on the purchaser’s end. Finally, after the one year warranty expires, the purchaser hires someone else to diagnose the issue and that’s when the true problems with the installation come to light.

Of course, the purchaser doesn’t like hearing the truth and contacts another firm — only to hear a similar message to what the first guy said.

And so it goes until the boss makes an issue of it and demands that the problem be fixed…Now! At this point, money is usually not an object. The problems are, in fact, costing the company money. The important questions now are: “Who can fix the problem?” and “How fast can we get the work done?” In the end, the total cost of the project including the cost of fixing the shoddy workmanship is much higher than if the job were done correctly in the first place.

Mom and Dad were right.

We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve heard horror stories about well-meaning, upstanding, hardworking companies who’ve paid way more than necessary for quality work because they had to go back to the drawing board multiple times. We hope you haven’t had to experience that. And, if you are already a customer of PSI, you haven’t. Here’s why:

The Piping Systems Perfection Promise
What’s that, you ask? If you aren’t 100% completely satisfied, Piping System’s Perfection Promise means that it’s free. No small print. It’s really simple and here’s how it works: If you aren’t happy with a particular part of the job, let us know. We’ll do that portion over and if you still aren’t satisfied, we’ll deduct that portion of the job (we’ll even do the math) from the bill and you don’t pay for what you’re not happy with. Period. No hassles, no hard feelings, just satisfied customers! That’s our guarantee.

Piping Installation - PSI

If you choose to go with another contractor, allow us to share some general rules we recommend:

1. Beware of low bidders for your project. They often offer lower quality. Remember the rule: You get what you pay for.

2. Select a contractor you have judged not on price alone, but on the basis of experience, recommendations, trust, relationship, and confidence.

3. Talk to past clients of the firm you think you want to hire. Past client experiences will tell you a lot that you need to know.

4. Look for companies that pledge, as we do, to stand behind their work and, as we do, offer guarantees of complete satisfaction.

Remember: the firm with a slightly higher price may not be obsessing about ITS bottom line. It’s actually protecting YOURS.


At PSI we work together to create memorable relationships with our clients. Our “No Headache” policy means you can always count on us to be reliable, high-performing, professional, knowledgeable, and highly-efficient problem solvers. Take a look at PSI’s “No B.S. Warranty.”

When you hire the PSI Team, you not only get process piping, fire protection, HVAC, and electrical services, you also benefit by our award-winning safety program, our commitment to community, and a warranty that goes well beyond the industry standard.

Be efficient with your time, and trust PSI to be efficient with your piping project. We promise that in the long run, you will be thrilled. Have any questions? Drop us an email at psi@PipingSystemsIns.com or give us a call today at 508.644.2221.