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Touchless Bathroom | Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to reduce the spread of germs and disease is by upgrading your company’s kitchens and
bathrooms to touchless plumbing fixtures.

PSI offers installation, repair and replacement of your existing fixtures while being the least impactful on your work
environment–even if that means installing evenings or weekends.

Besides reducing the transmission of illness at work, keeping your staff on the job, upgrading to touchless plumbing
fixtures lower energy costs. A waterless urinal, for example, saves 10,000-40,000 gallons of water annually!

If you’re searching for safe alternatives in your business, here are a few of the touchless fixtures we can exchange
for your manual fixtures.

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Touchless Bathroom Faucets


Touchless Toilets & Commodes


Touchless Bathroom Sinks