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75 Hayden Ave

The newly developed 4-story, Class A Life Science Lab in 75 Hayden Ave is 221,300 square feet of unique architectural features that was rightfully nominated for ABC’s Prestigious Eagle Award for Construction Excellence. All of us at PSI congratulate Environmental Systems Inc. (ESI), BW Kennedy, and all those associated with constructing this building because it truly is a work of art!

PSI, has a long history of working with ESI and was chosen to complete the piping portion of the project’s HVAC systems. With its careful planning, coordination, and fabrication capabilities, PSI was able to complete this project on schedule and within budget. “And let me tell you,” said Jason Taylor, President, “this was not an easy project!”

This complicated construction project was truly impressive in all aspects of its design–from the U-shaped, 4-story building structure to the art work, as you make your way up the courtyard through the lobby. But nothing was more impressive to PSI than the massive mechanical room located in the building’s Penthouse.

The mechanical room at 75 Hayden Ave is the heart and soul which truly brings life to the structure. A massive building like this needs massive pipes to function (14-16” mains to be exact), all connecting the…

  • 2,280-ton chiller plant
  • 25,000 MBH boiler plant
  • 3 cooling towers
  • 220,000 CFM air handlers
  • Associated pumps and multiple DX systems

Each of these systems working together is what provides a comfortable heating and cooling experience to the tenants and common areas.

All this construction took place over several months with a crew of 12 highly trained techs, PSI’s shop fabrication and the ability to adjust to changes and obstacles as they came our way.

There are many mechanical contractors who can do a “good job.” But there are not many who stand behind their commitment to a General Contractor when an accepted project bid has the potential to “run off the rails.” But after several decades of challenging installs, PSI knows how to think on our feet and monitor every detail to a successful conclusion.

Call PSI next time you need a reliable, dedicated team for your big project. We’ll:

  • Fabricate the pipes in our in-house shop
  • Transport piping to the location
  • Tackle the installation (even under adverse circumstances)
  • Create pipe labels for different systems
  • Even hire the insulation crew ourselves to ensure correct color-coding to industry standards for all systems

PSI is your “triple threat” when it comes to remarkable serviceremarkable expertise and remarkable value. Request a free consult today.