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Staying Positive At Work During The Coronavirus Crisis

Published April 14, 2020

Staying Positive At Work During The Coronavirus Crisis

One of the many challenges for business owners during the Coronavirus pandemic is maintaining a positive mindset and culture within the workplace. This is true for all types of essential services, including sales and service companies. 

There are so many changes that have been put in place to reduce social interactions, protect yourself from exposure to the virus, and change the way we work within a business. There are also increasingly dire forecasts on not only the numbers of those impacted by the Coronavirus but also on the short and long-term impact on the overall economy. 

In these trying times, finding ways to maintain a positive mental outlook is difficult for business leaders. It is even more difficult to be able to create ways to boost the morale and mindset of teams and employees, particularly if they are concerned about their employment, health, and overall well-being. 

To help create a positive environment for everyone, there are several steps that effective leaders use when managing any challenges. These include:

  • Make employees a priority – this is a time to make a personal connection with your employees. An email, a phone call, or even a text message that focuses on how well they are doing their job is extremely effective. Share positive customer feedback with the employee group and celebrate new contracts and new customers as an achievement by the team. 
  • Develop protocols – using guidelines from industry experts and the CDC, create proactive, effective protocols that help employees and team members feel safe and in control of their working environment. Make sure PPE (personal protective equipment) is available that is reasonable for the job. Be sure to highlight to employees how cleaning and disinfecting is managed on the job. Providing resources for employees to learn about Coronavirus without all the hype of the media is also calming and positive.
  • Have a plan – it is easy for everyone to focus on what they cannot do or how business may be dropping off. Having a plan in place to carry through these times makes it clear to your teams and employees that you see a light at the end of the tunnel. By focusing on what you can do, there is a natural positivity and forward movement rather than feeling stuck in an uncontrolled and unplanned scenario. 
  • Consider boosting flexibility – at these times of school closures, lack of daycare services and even challenges in getting groceries and supplies, offering greater flexibility with working hours or remote working is a positive choice. Employees appreciate this flexibility, and they feel supported and cared about as individuals. 

Leaders can also focus on modeling social distancing, maintaining a positive outlook, and recognizing the efforts of the team in navigating difficult times. Showing compassion, supporting local charities and organizations, and even getting involved in community programs to help others are all great ways to stay focused on the positives.