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Published December 13, 2017


Every industrial piping system installation is unique, so naturally the types of piping, valve and fitting configurations used for each job will be unique as well. So, the best piping for one job won’t be the best for another. As an industrial or manufacturing plant manager, the decisions you make about what piping systems to use and who should design and install them can be one of the most challenging decisions you can make.

At Piping Systems, Inc., we understand those issues, and as a firm that’s been offering quality workmanship and products to industrial clients for more than 45 years, we feel your pain. You can see from our list of certifications and affiliations, we are determined to give you the best at all times, not just now and then. We are a family-owned business that prides itself in long-standing relationships, and we value our clients, employees and vendors.

Depending on the product or substance that needs to be piped, you can choose to work with any piping contractor who offers industrial piping. And most qualified contractors can suggest a variety of piping systems whether it’s PVC, steel, stainless steel, reinforced fiberglass, insulated ceramic, copper, brass, polyethylene or another type of pipe. The question is not about which pipe is best, it’s more about which contractor will provide the best services, all the time.

The differences between PSI and the others are many, but here are a few important questions to ask your piping contractor:

  1. Do you have the proper and current trade licenses (i.e., piping, plumbing, gas fitting, fire system installation, hoisting?)
  2. Do you have adequate general liability and excess liability insurance? Marine coverage for goods in transit to your facility?
  3. Are you aware of and will you install the project to all city and state building codes?
  4. Do you perform the design and construction with your own crews?
  5. Do you offer a 2-year warranty on new piping installations?
  6. Do you have a 100% completely satisfied guarantee?
  7. Do you have a formal safety program and what is your safety record?

There are many questions to ask, and “What is the best piping system to use for my installation?” is definitely one of them. But finding out who is designing and installing your industrial piping system is just as important, if not more important.

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