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A Service Industry Throw Back Thursday

Published November 11, 2019

A Service Industry Throw Back Thursday

Anyone who has worked in a service industry for more than a few years can probably recall changes. Those who have worked in the industry for decades have seen some major changes, some of which have made the industry stronger and some which have changed the way companies do business. 

Here are some of the ways the service industry used to be as compared to what they are today. 

More Focus on Customer Service and Less on Productivity

One change in all types of service industries is the decrease in the personal aspect of dealing with customers. In other words, technicians and professionals today are encouraged to focus more on how many service calls they make, or how many services they sell, rather than on speaking to customers, answering questions, and creating that personal connection that used to be the focus.

The good news is that some companies, including our team at PSI, have always focused on customer service. This connection with our customers and going that extra mile to get the job done right provides us with customers for life, which has always been the key to our success. 

Fewer Regulations 

Throughout any industry, government regulations have only increased over the years. In the service industry, regulations are often a good thing, increasing safety for the operation of equipment, but also increasing safety for the environment as well as for the workers in the industry. 

Some of the regulations that are in place today make some processes and services more complicated, more costly, and may limit the options in designing and installation the system or providing repairs. This means that people working in the industry have to be more aware of multiple regulations and how they impact the job at hand. 

Less Technology and More Expertise 

The service industries, even a few decades ago, relied on journeymen, engineers, and highly experienced teams to complete system repairs, installation, and even troubleshooting. 

Today, technology is replacing a lot of reliance on expertise and experience. However, technology is not always going to be able to find complicated problems in systems, and expertise is still a crucial aspect for any professionals in the field. 

Fewer Options in the Past 

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for a service provider to work with one or a small number of manufacturers. This formed a relationship, and the service company tended to use only products or systems offered by that specific manufacturer. 

Today, there is less loyalty to one manufacturer. It is more common for a service company to work with several manufacturers for equipment and systems, offering customers a greater selection in options and features.

Of course, global marketplaces and increased ability to access materials, supplies, and components from across the world have also added to the options available for companies in the service industry to offer their customers, which is a good thing.