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Published October 26, 2017


AR Metalizing is the massive company behind those pretty metallic labels you see on common household products.

They create labels for anything from Bush’s Baked Beans to Jim Beam Whiskey to Hallmark gift wrap. They’re a global company with facilities in Europe, the United States, and South America.

Marc Hyney, Facility Manager for AR Metalizing, has been working with PSI since September of 2013 when he came on board with the company. “Looking through the list of suppliers and vendors we have, PSI is one of our predominant go-to repair companies,” he says. “They’re very instrumental in maintaining our piping and chiller heating coil repairs in our facility.”

AR Metalizing’s manufacturing process creates specific maintenance issues in his facility. “We have very technical cryogenic systems here that work in conjunction with our metallizing, and sometimes we have leaks in those systems.”

When one of the systems leaks, though, it can be tough to locate exactly where the leak is. “[The leaks are] extremely difficult to find. PSI does a terrific job of coming in, removing those devices from the machine. They’ll either test them and fix them here or, sometimes, if the leaks are stubborn, PSI will take them to their shop and use other ways of testing to find where the leaks are. Then they’ll repair them, bring them back, and reinstall them,” Marc says.

Once a maintenance issue wasn’t routine. In fact, AR Metalizing had a potential disaster on their hands.

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Testing showed the piping in their 20+ year old solvent recovery system had rusted through. If they didn’t replace the pipes immediately, they’d be forced to shut down the entire system, creating down time at best and potentially putting themselves out of business at worst.

The danger was escalated, too, because the system resided in a Class 1 Div 1 space (an explosion-proof atmosphere), so welding had to be done off-site.

Hyney called PSI. We were able to pre-fabricate the piping from Fall until the plant closed over the winter holiday break. We prevented additional down time. AR Metalizing was able to replace its system safely and staff kept working as planned.

“When you call PSI with an emergency, they show up almost immediately to assess your problem,” Hyney adds.

PSI technicians take pride in their creative problem-solving skills, because emergency calls always contain an element of danger and down time. When you see as many compromised safety conditions as we’ve seen over the years, you learn to plan many steps ahead and think unconventionally to avoid disaster.


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