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No Heat? No Problem – Piping Systems, Inc Has You Covered

Published October 28, 2019

No Heat? No Problem – Piping Systems, Inc Has You Covered

One of the most important aspects of the work we do at PSI is to ensure we have our customer’s needs addressed, particularly when they have an emergency situation. This is always a significant factor for our team, and we do everything we can to get your systems back up and fully operational as quickly, efficiently, and correctly as possible. 

A Case Study in Efficiency 

A good illustration of this ability to respond to the needs of our customers is our work with a major rope manufacturer. This company discovered their boiler system was no longer operating, which created significant problems throughout the facility.

Needless to say, without a boiler, other systems were not working. The steam needed to operate equipment in the plant was down, the production lines were down, and the manufacturing schedule for the orders the plant needed to get out to their customers was no longer going to be possible. 

The company had heard of our services at PSI, and they contacted us about the situation. We understood immediately that this was a critical situation for the company, so we went to work. 

Assistance with Expediting the Process  

The first step was to get a new boiler ordered directly from the manufacturer. As an established company in the process of installing boilers of all sized across many industries, we have a great relationship with boiler manufacturers. 

Our team was able to work directly with the manufacturer to ensure the new boiler construction was expedited. We maintained regular contact with the manufacturer and worked as a single point of contact to ensure the boiler would arrive ready for the installation as quickly as possible. 

During this time, we also spent time ensuring everything at the plant was ready for the new boiler. This was a critical step as well, which prevented any unnecessary time spent in preparation when the boiler actually arrived. 

Installation by PSI 

Once we were informed by the manufacturer the boiler was on its way, we reviewed the plan we had developed for the installation process. We had the necessary equipment in place, and we also made sure we have the engineers and professionals on site and in place to immediately start on the installation process. 

Having the entire installation pre-planned and organized is a key part of the efficiency we offer at PSI This allows our crews to visualize the entire process from start to finish, and to take a closer look at any areas where there may be an issue. We can troubleshoot these issues in advance, making the entire installation process much easier and faster. 

We were able to reduce the downtime for the rope manufacturer and ensure the necessary heat and steam were available in the shortest possible time. This was not an exception; this is how we operate at PSI, and it is a large part of the reason we are recognized as an industry leader.