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Cranberries Anyone?

Published February 24, 2020

Cranberries Anyone?

This past November we received an emergency call from our client, Decas Cranberry Products, Ins., Carver, MA.  We were told that the plant was inoperable because their steam boiler was shut down in the need of repairs. On the next day, we went on-site to view the situation and developed a game plan to run a steam line across the roof to enable the client to use a temporary boiler provided by others.  Measurements were taken and our welders fabricated the entire project in our shop ready for delivery. A crane pick by Lamb Crane and Rigging was arranged for delivery on Monday morning. Of course, it rained that day! By 6:00 PM the temporary boiler was connected and generating steam. The following week, we had a surprise visit by the CEO of Decas Cranberries, Ins. He presented us with vintage cranberry bog crates and cranberry-themed goodies.  On behalf of Decas, he expressed his thanks for the effort we put in to get them up and running. He presented a letter stating the following:

Dear Ms. Lally,

On behalf of Decas Cranberry Products, I want to thank the PSI Team for their responsiveness and support to return us to production.  From our call last Tuesday, your Team expedited the fabrication, installation, and insulation in less than a week so we could resume operations, meeting our customers’ requirements in this, our busiest time of the year.

Jason Taylor, PSI’s VP, Operations and his team deserve special recognition.  Jason developed a better solution, allowing the piping to be fabricated over the weekend.  Your pipefitters worked in rain and wind, safely completing the installation and connection in less than a day.

We also appreciate your Company’s ability to coordinate so effectively with the boiler supplier, crane company, and Decas.

It’s a good feeling to know we can count on our local companies.


Michael McManama, President and CEO

Some of the challenges we overcame were the tight timeframe; we were able to get our crews mobilized and agree to work the hours needed to make it happen.  Everyone worked in the rain the entire day of the installation with no complaint. Safety Gear including rain jackets was worn and changed multiple times during the day to stay somewhat dry.  Rope grabs and harness’ were utilized within 15 feet of the roofline to avoid any falls from slips/trips. Because of our relationship with CWB Builders, Bridgewater, MA they were able to supply us from their inventory with special clips that were required in order to be able to support the piping on the roof.

Decas Cranberry Co., is a privately held company located in Carver, MA.  They are a family business with deep ties to the community. They’ve built their business over the last eight decades. PSI has serviced Decas’ piping needs since 2001.