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Cut Utility Costs 15% or More with a High Efficiency Combi Boilers

Published November 2, 2021

Cut Utility Costs 15% or More with a High Efficiency Combi Boilers

High-efficiency combination boilers, or “combis”, are popular today because they save space and money. Combi have been shown to cut utility costs by 15% or more compared to separate furnace and water heater systems.

The compact and efficient combi boilers provide heat and hot water while saving on operating and installation costs. Combis work like central heating boilers, yet are small enough to hang on a wall, normal requiring 0 clearance from combustible material.

Comparing Conventional Boilers to Combi

Conventional boilers store hot water, but combis do not. Instead, they heat water from the cold mains directly as water is being used. Since separate tanks for hot and cold water and not needed, combi boilers are advantageous where space is limited. Self-contained combis are in a single unit, making it very easy and inexpensive to install, plus rebates may be available from local natural gas suppliers to help with cost.

In addition, combi boilers have no hot water cylinder, loft tank, or pipework. They are similar to a standard unvented boiler but with a second heating circuit that provides instant hot water.

For unlimited hot water, feed the firing combi directly from the main water supply to the heat exchanger. Combi boilers eliminate some of the requirements of conventional vented heating systems, and their high efficiency extracts more heat from flue gases in the flue system.

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