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Published June 28, 2018


We have so many choices that oftentimes it becomes difficult to make a good decision.

According to the latest census data published in 2012, in Massachusetts alone, there were 2,347 companies classified in the National American Industry Classification System (NAICS) for plumbing, heating and air conditioning (238220).  Fire Protection or Sprinkler systems is usually lumped into this code also. So, that means there are lots of companies to choose from.

I took some time to ask people that I know that are involved in our industry a simple question, “How do you Choose a Contractor for your project”? Here are the responses I got:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • How many licensed personnel on the payroll?
  • What is their Safety Record? A company that receives safety awards should be a company that pays attention to detail.
  • Make sure “they are a reputable” contractor
  • Remember that being the lowest or the highest bid is not always the right choice.
  • Look at the size of the company to make sure they have enough manpower to meet your needs.
  • If they provide unlicensed technicians there is a potential for them getting thrown off the job by an inspector or a client representative. It would make you look bad if you had recommended that company. You could now be scrambling to find another contractor that will likely cost you more money to get the job done correctly.
  • Ask them for a list of projects they’ve completed of similar size.
  • Ask to see pictures of completed projects to make sure you like what you see.
  • Ask about available manpower required to hit deadlines and week-end availability (if this is a requirement).
  • Ask about types of services they offer. The more services they offer, the greater chance they will meet the needs of a project as it progresses.

The most important question that we need to answer for you is “Why would you choose PSI (PSI) over any other company?

At the risk of sounding corn-ball, You are the Center of our Universe! We are all about solving your piping headaches. That about sums it up. To help you be reassured that we truly make You the Center of our Universe, take a minute to go through this checklist to compare us to another piping contractor in Massachusetts.

So, we try to make it easier for you to make a good decision by providing you with a this handy comparison checklist. We hope this helps you understand The PSI Difference and why you should trust us to help you with all of your mechanical and process piping needs.

Be efficient with your time, and trust PSI to be efficient with your piping project. I promise in the long run, you will be thrilled. Have any questions? Drop us an email, psi@PipingSystemsIns.com or give us a call today at 508.644.2221.