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Published November 16, 2016


“I clean up after the horse.”

That’s how Gregory Brewer, Safety Coordinator at PSI (PSI), describes his daily responsibilities. In reality, it’s much more important and heroic than that. His job is to respond to emergencies and take care of them, as quickly as possible.

“When it’s an emergency, no matter what, even if it’s a new customer and it’s an emergency, we go out of our way to take care of it. It’s that simple.”

What constitutes a typical emergency? Plumbing, toilets, and sprinklers rank among his most common issues.

“If there’s a fire, and the sprinklers go off, and they do what they’re supposed to do…think about it. We’re saving lives.”

As Safety Coordinator, Brewer’s responsibilities are not just to PSI’s customer, but to his entire crew.

“I keep everybody up to OSHA standards, making sure everybody’s wearing steel tip shoes, safety glasses, and they’re not doing anything stupid. PSI is self-insured, so we make sure everybody’s doing the right thing, working safely, and keeping up with OSHA.”

Brewer knows his responsibilities often mean the difference between life and death. One time a company was demolishing a part of its building. “The demo company was cutting stuff with a torch, and the guy actually cut into a live gas main. The pressure in the gas main blew the torch out and, from what we were told once we got there, he was trying to relight the torch! We were able to shut the gas down immediately and repair it.”

Disaster averted.


[VIDEO: See what Greg thinks about working at PSI]

Another time Brewer had a job to service several sprinkler systems in mills throughout the city. An arsonist attempted to light multiple mills on fire. Two of the mills were serviced by Brewer and his team. “We serviced the sprinklers and the sprinklers put out the fire. One mill was burned down, but it wasn’t one that we serviced.”

Without his attention to detail, all of the mills could have been lost. “Thank God we serviced the sprinklers, and they did what they were supposed to do. They put the fire out before there was too much damage. The other mill that the did light the fire, the whole mill ended up burning down.”

His advice to those he doesn’t service: “Don’t take your sprinkler system / fire pressure system for granted.”


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