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How GPS Has Revolutionized Our Service To Clients

Published March 16, 2020

How GPS Has Revolutionized Our Service To Clients

Sometimes new trends in technology seem like a good idea, but they are difficult to use in the field or on the job and simply become more of a time drag than a solution. There are also some developments in technology that make an improvement in productivity for the company while also offering benefits to the customers. 

At PSI one of the most valuable additions in technology we have made is the use of GPS. While GPS is not new, the new technology allows for immediate, real-time information on our vehicles and our staff, helping to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and provide accurate information to our customers. 

For a closer look at how GPS has helped us to become more efficient and effective, here are several of the benefits we see from the use of technology. 

Lowers Costs of Doing Business 

In any industry with trucks providing delivery of parts or products or going out on service calls, GPS is an invaluable tool. Not only does it help our drivers and dispatchers to select the best route to keep the mileage low, but it is also effective in determining where traffic slowdowns or traffic jams are an issue, helping us to restructure the route to avoid sitting and idling vehicles in traffic. 

This reduction in operating costs adds up over time. It allows us to be to keep our rates low for our customers, which means we can stay competitive in a market where price and cost make a difference. 

Managing the Fleet 

Using GPS systems also helps our fleet management. The data on the mileage of the vehicle is continually fed into the fleet management system, which means we can stay on top of all required maintenance on vehicles. 

Regular maintenance extends the life of the fleet, helps to reduce costly repairs, and also helps to limit vehicle downtime. This allows us to meet appointments and scheduling needs for our customers. 

Shorter Call Response Time 

Using GPS technology allows our dispatchers to see where each of our vehicles is at any given time. When an emergency call comes in, we can pinpoint the closest vehicle to the location of the customer, providing the quickest response times for these emergency situations. 

It is also a benefit when there is a need for a specific part on a job. Rather than the on-site technician having to get in a vehicle and drive for parts, we can find out if there is another technician in the area of the supplier, and coordinate the pickup and delivery of the necessary tools or parts. 

Recovery of Stolen Assets 

While not a common issue, the theft of a fleet vehicle can occur. With the use of GPS technology, we can provide the information needed to help to recover stolen assets, keeping our vehicles on the road. 

From small to large companies, GPS technology is definitely an asset to consider. Accurate, effective, and efficient, it provides an additional layer of oversight for any service company.