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Getting To Know What We Offer

Published February 3, 2020

Getting To Know What We Offer

While most people find PSI when looking for piping system solutions, we also offer a range of other services as well. In fact, in talking to many of our customers, we are constantly surprised when they are talking about a problem they are experiencing, and we are able to let them know that we can help out with that issue and offer a top solution to correct the issue they are experiencing. 

To help our customers in understanding all that we offer, here is a brief overview of the services we offer as one of the top piping contractors throughout Massachusetts. 

Process Piping and Plumbing

Process piping and plumbing are only two of the services we offer. We are able to complete projects, including domestic water plumbing and piping for production machines and applications of all types and across all industries. 

We hold the ASME S stamp, and we are authorized to perform repairs on high-pressure systems and vessels. We can also provide full steamfitting services for both high and low-pressure systems and can work with all types of piping solutions for manufacturing processes. 


Regardless of what your project requires, PSI offers all the specialized tradesmen required. We have our own electrical services team, and they work in step with or plumbers, millwrights, and HVAC technicians to ensure your job is done quickly, correctly, and without the need to hire multiple companies or contractors to get the job done. 


Our HVAC services include the installation of all types of heating systems, waste heat recovery systems, as well as assisting companies with designing and installing energy management systems to reduce their cost of operation. 

We can also install chilled water systems and components, provide radiant heat options for businesses, and install humidification and hydronic heating and cooling systems in small to large commercial and industrial buildings. 

Boilers for Industrial Applications 

With extensive experience in the installation of steam boilers for high and low-pressure industrial applications, we can assist with the full installation process. Our services also include the design and fabrication of high or low-pressure vessels and system piping components for power boilers. 

In addition to installation, we also offer boiler repair and service, providing our customers with full life cycle services for industrial boiler systems. 

Fire Protection Services and Systems 

Our team can work with business owners and managers to create the ideal fire protection service to protect their buildings. We have over 4 decades of experience in wet and dry pipe fire protection sprinkler systems, including the design, installation, and management of these systems. 

We work on new construction as well as with existing buildings, and we offer both service contracts as well as system installation, testing, repairs, and full fire protection system inspections.