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Published November 15, 2016


At PSI we are all about customer service and doing whatever it takes to make our customers not just satisfied, but happy with their service from PSI We are constantly learning and expanding our knowledge in areas we think will be helpful to our clients as well. One of the areas we have identified is improving the management practices within our facility. As a component of this, this blog is designed to share our ideas on how to enhance your own facility management to help make your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

What you can do:

Stay abreast of new technology and systems
Each year, new technology and systems become available that offer the potential for outstanding results to make your business more efficient. While you have a budget and restrictions on what you can and can’t do, keeping a list of what you’d like to investigate as potential areas of growth towards better facility management can help keep your sights set for the future and not just on managing day to day.

Invest in your professional advancement

Join national or local organizations dedicated to continuing education for facilities managers. Look into certifications or advanced learning opportunities that will allow you to manage more effectively so that potential business partners and clients can identify your commitment to facility improvements and better client delivery management.

Join the chamber of commerce in your city

A local chamber of commerce membership is a great way to be involved with your neighbors in the business community and to enhance your building’s visibility. Volunteer for community boards and other local networking groups to help establish your business presence as an invaluable member of your local community.

Stay up to date on the latest material and advancements

Trade journals are a great resource for staying informed about your building and the systems it encompasses, including commercial building HVAC systems, elevators, lighting, roofing, plumbing, security, fire safety, paints, flooring and maintenance issues. Learning how to incorporate the latest facility management information on green building practices, grounds maintenance, liability issues, emergency planning and energy efficiency can help differentiate your business from your competitors.

Incorporate software to automate and track systems

There are a number of software programs and apps that can help manage your building processes and your time more efficiently. There are tools for work order management, building management costs forecasting, budgeting, energy usage and tracking, HVAC scheduling and building maintenance management that can help your business stay lean and work in a more timely fashion. You can access examples of facilities management software available for your business from softwareadvice.com.

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