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Creating Gratitude In The Workplace For Thanksgiving

Published November 25, 2019

Creating Gratitude In The Workplace For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a different type of holiday and one where everyone can find things in their life that they are thankful to have and to enjoy. This sense of gratitude can be cultivated in the workplace, and it is a wonderful way for management and employees to connect and appreciate each other for all that they do. 

As with any program or practice in the workplace, getting management involved is key. When management supports the program and models gratitude towards others, it has a ripple effect throughout the workplace. It can even impact how your employees interact with customers, vendors, and each other, and it has a very positive impact on how people see their worth in the job. 

Say It

Make a point to notice at least one thing you are grateful for each day that someone at work does for you or to make your life easier. Be sure to acknowledge this to yourself, but also to say it to the person. 

It doesn’t have to be something big: it may be something small or ordinary. However, by recognizing the other person’s effort, you give them a boost and let them know you notice their efforts.

Be genuine and specific by saying something like:

  • I know I haven’t thanked you for doing X, Y, and Z, but it makes my job a lot easier, and I really appreciate it. 
  • You always do a great job on X, thanks for all your effort. 
  • I appreciate how you take responsibility to make sure X is done. Thanks a lot, it really helps the team. 

Email It

It is very common to sit down and write a bunch of emails that provide direct, give information, or even make requests or demands. Get a commitment from your management team that they will each send at least 2 emails a day to someone inside or outside the organization to thank someone for what they did. 

To boost it up to the next level, drop a note or a thank you card on a colleague or employee’s desk, this is a personal and meaningful way to show your appreciation. 

Chalk Up the Small Wins

When people achieve personal or professional goals, when they do something above and beyond the required, or when there is a positive change in the workplace, make it a celebration. 

Talk about the win, even a small win, and make it part of what you are thankful for in the workplace. When people recognize leaders in the organization see these small wins, they feel recognized, valued, and essential in making those positive changes happen. 

Encourage Others

For Thanksgiving and throughout the year, consider a board in the breakroom that allows staff members to post notes of thanks to other people on staff. This is a great way to encourage everyone to be grateful for colleagues and to develop a spirit of collaboration rather than competition.