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Reasons A Multi-Trade Company Is A Benefit For Customers

Published February 17, 2020

Reasons A Multi-Trade Company Is A Benefit For Customers

Many different industries require the services of a range of different trades. A great example of this is the HVAC industry, where installing new systems, system maintenance, and repairing existing systems may require the input and services of HVAC technicians, sheet metal fabricators, plumbers, and electricians are all required on the job. 

The same is true for many companies offering maintenance work for industrial, manufacturing and processing plants, or for companies offering everything from gas installation to fire system design and installation. 

These types of multi-trade companies are a benefit to their customers. At Piping Systems, Inc, we find that our ability to offer our customers a full range of related services across all the required trades is both a draw for new customers, as well as a way to provide the best possible care and customer service for our existing customers. 

One Company, One Contact

For the customer, working with one company for all of their installation and service or repair needs is really a factor of simplification. Our customers never have to think about which company to call if something goes wrong, they know they can place one call to our team, and we can find a solution. This alone is an advantage for our customers, avoiding hours of calling around to different contractors and service providers only to get the run-around as to what the problem is and what services they offer. 

This also builds a level of trust between our business and our customers. They know we understand their piping, plumbing, HVAC system, and electrical service needs as they related to process machinery and systems. When the multi-trade company also provides exceptional customer service, this creates a real peace of mind for the customer, and it helps to develop a customer base that is committed to continuing to work with the service provider.

This is also a great option for building on service contracts for customers. After the initial installation of the plumbing, piping, or HVAC system, the same multi-trade company can continue to maintain and service the system, helping to reduce the risk of additional repair costs while also extending the life of the system components. 

Reducing Stress 

Knowing they can pick up the phone and call a trusted service provider is not only convenient, but it also saves time. Working with one provider also means one invoice to pay and one set of bills to manage, which is also a time-saving factor for a busy processing, manufacturing, or industrial business. 

With the increasing complexity of all systems in both residential and industrial construction and applications, having a known service provider to call for all issues is a selling feature that is of value to any customer.