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Published January 4, 2018


Each month, PSI “exercises” one of our large customer’s fire safety system’s PIV (post indicator valve) valves.

The polymer sealant and adhesive manufacturing company’s mechanic in charge of maintenance  has a mandate to keep the valves working properly and in compliance.

“We have to do this because of our insurance,” he says.

His company’s commercial insurance carrier requires a trusted third party to come in each month to turn the PIV valves and authenticate that its sprinkler system is running smoothly so the carrier keeps its risk of fire damage minimized.

PSI began working with this Massachusetts manufacturer decades ago when the company was sold. The Fortune 500 corporation that bought the plant had expansion plans and wanted an ongoing relationship with a piping company to handle its sprinklers on its fire safety system. PSI was known in the industry for its work with sprinklers and fire protection systems and for creative ways of designing extra hazard fire protection systems.

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But like most companies, the manufacturer had additional piping and plumbing needs. Each time, they turned to PSI. “If we’re running a new glue line, they run the pipe for the new glue line. They’ve also helped me with our boilers and they replaced our steam heater.”

The two companies have been working together for about as long as their maintenance mechanic has been with the company, which is 23 years. He is happy with the relationship that has evolved over the last two plus decades.

“Everything goes according to plan. They’re very good,” he says. “They come when you call. If there’s an emergency, they’re right here. They always help me if I have any questions. They’ll answer the questions and help me figure out how to do something. They’re a good company, and I’ve never had any problems with them.”

And, that’s exactly why PSI is here.

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