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HVAC And The Hospitality Industry: What Hotels Are Looking For And Why

Published October 14, 2019

HVAC And The Hospitality Industry: What Hotels Are Looking For And Why

In all industries, including the hospitality industry, customer feedback and experience is critical in rising to the top of the market and continuing to attract new and current customers again and again. Feedback about any type of negative experience, from noisy guests on the same floor to a heating or air conditioning system that was loud or simply didn’t work can negatively impact bookings even at the best of hotel chaIns. 

At the same time, guests at hotels, motels, and resorts are increasingly intolerant of a lack of comfort in the room. When this problem with comfort is an HVAC system that doesn’t heat or cool as expected, guests can become very quick to post negative feedback and ratings. A few such posts and a hotel chain can see a downturn in bookings, which all translates into lost income. 

Reliable Systems 

In any part of the country, from summers in the deep south to winters in the northern states, guests expect the HVAC system in their room to be able to provide fast, efficient heating and cooling. 

Guests do not want to wait for the heat or the cool air. They want instant heat and cooling at the click of a remote button or the tap on the programmable thermostat on the wall. The good news is that by combining overall building automation for the HVAC in the main areas as well as the ability to track the individual units using web-based software, even minor problems with performance can be detected early, and the HVAC service can be called for the repair. 

Low Maintenance 

One of the roles that HVAC companies may take when working with the units in the rooms at hotels and resorts is to train the internal maintenance staff about basic repairs and serving of the units. This can include the units that control the individual room temperatures, as well as the units that are used throughout the common areas of the building. 

At the same time, the HVAC company can provide quarterly or semi-annual inspections and checks on the system, addressing any potential repairs and providing more than the basics in maintenance to extend the trouble-free operation of the HVAC system. 


Technology allows for increased automation of systems and controls, building increased efficiency by reducing HVAC use in unoccupied rooms or changing the temperature in common areas based on the time of day and the general usage patterns. 

HVAC companies can also provide support in maintaining boilers and chillers, ensuring the correct size and the control of the system is optimized to the specifics of various areas of the hotel. Not only does this make a more pleasant and comfortable experience for the guests, but it helps the hotel to be more efficient, lowering overhead and saving money.