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Heat Pump tech (geothermal and air) is Green, Retrofit no prob

Published December 28, 2021

Heat Pump tech (geothermal and air) is Green, Retrofit no prob

Are Heat Pumps Right for You?

Considering an upgrade to a Heat Pump System for improved comfort and more cost-effectiveness? If not, you should be.  Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat and cool your building without actually heating or cooling air to do it.  How can that be?  Let’s dive in.

Heat pumps simply move hot air or cold air from one place to another.  For example, in summer, your heat pump will transfer hot air from your building to the outside.  In winter, heat pumps gather heat from the outside and bring it inside.  Because it isn’t actually doing the job of heating or cooling, your heat pump uses far less energy than your conventional HVAC systems.

But how am I getting warm air from the outside during winter?  Great question I’m sure you’re asking yourself.  But, first, we’ve got to mention the different types of heat pumps to see how they tackle this problem.

Air-Source Heat Pumps manage to extract heat from the air outside to warm your building (there’s always some heat in the air).  In places that experience extreme cold, an Air-Source Heat Pump probably won’t be sufficient for your needs, however.

Which is why you might consider Geo-thermal Heat Pumps.  These pumps pull heat from underground (the Earth’s core is a pretty good source of heat.).  A series of pipes, or a “loop” is placed in the ground near your building.  These loops circulate a fluid which will either absorb heat from the ground to bring inside, or remove heat from inside to the underground.  The treated air is then distributed via a network of conventional ducts.  Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps are ideal for climates which experience extreme cold because they will consistently and reliably pull heat from the ground regardless of the outside temperature.

installing a Geo-thermal Heat Pump to an existing structure can be tricky, but it’s not at all a deal breaker.  Depending on your building and surrounding landscaping, there are likely a number of ways to install a Geo-Thermal Heat Pump.

Heat Pumps produce zero emissions because they run entirely on electricity (no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning).  They offer excellent humidity control and can also heat water for your building, making them an ideal 2 for 1 energy provider and reducing your environmental impact even more.

Green, efficient, and effective, Heat Pumps provide an even temperature from by harnessing a nearly infinite source of energy; our Earth.  Talk with PSI today to see how we can get your building greener, more efficient, and more profitable with Heat Pump Technology.