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Going Ductless To Modernize an Aging Building

Published November 16, 2021

Going Ductless To Modernize an Aging Building

Why Go Ductless in Commercial Buildings?

The trend is unstoppable. And that trend is eco-friendly. Buildings today are constructed with “green” in mind. But not every business has the luxury of operating in a brand new, high-efficiency, energy-saving structure.

So, if you want the benefit of increased operating efficiency of your HVAC system by taking steps toward the “green” end of the spectrum, but your building is 50 years old, what can you do?

You can go ductless. Updating the AC in an old building can be costly and difficult, especially if you’re working with limited space for new ductwork installation. But ductless systems are easy to install. Ductless is also more efficient for larger buildings. A lot of hot or cold air is lost in transit between a boiler and a vent because of gaps and leaks. And, typically, the more ductwork, the greater number of gaps. Going ductless eliminates this problem by essentially cutting out the middle man.

A ductless system has more than one handling unit, so if something ever goes wrong, only one area is affected rather than the entire system being shut down. They also have multiple air handling units which are connected to the outdoor system. This means that if one of the handling units goes out, only that one room is affected, instead of the entire building.

Commercial buildings have a lot of square footage to keep warm or cold all throughout the year. And that can get costly. Talk with us about how going ductless could save you big on energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint.