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Published December 5, 2017


Not with high-end piping!

When things get hot, Ray Hoben calls PSI

Ray is Vice President of Operations at a small plant in Randolph, Massachusetts, that manufactures composite materials and glass microspheres.

“Steam gets pretty aggressive because it’s hot. We have a lot of acidic processes that eat up pipe work and pumps, so PSI installs high-end piping for us which survives over extreme throws of chemicals.”

Fortunately, the team at PSI has never met a job that was too hot to handle.

Ray also looks to PSI for guidance throughout each phase of a project install. “I often deal directly with Mike Moreira, who is the senior design/estimator guy there,” he says. “His recommendations are often respected and, in all our meetings, the guys like him as well. He comes in, we give him a general sense of our project, and Mike gives appropriate recommendations on how to achieve what we want to do in production–and keep cost to a minimum. He always suggests better ways of doing things.”

After seeing Mike in action over many years, Ray is comfortable collaborating with Mike until the entire project is completed. “He takes our ideas from a concept, to a drawing, to a quotation, to a final product.”

From Mike’s point of view, and in a perfect world, he has time to plan a “perfect” project scope. But in the real world of chemical manufacturing that Ray lives in, chemicals have an aggressive nature, and Ray can’t always schedule his emergencies.

“Piping starts leaking, for example, and that could cause an environmental hazard and become a safety issue for our employees,” Ray says.

There’s never a good time to shut down production for leaks or other needed repairs. “If you’re running a busy 24/7 chemical operation, as we are, you can’t afford to shut down. There may be a pipe which looks like it’s about to leak, and maybe you can temporarily patch it.

“But PSI typically builds us a replacement piece, which they’ll measure out here, then build off site. I get a much shorter installation cycle, and down time in the factory is much shorter.

“They take my needs as a customer very seriously,” Ray says. “PSI is reliable and trustworthy.”


At PSI we work together to create memorable relationships with our clients. Our “No Headache” policy means you can always count on us to be reliable, high-performing, professional, knowledgeable and highly-efficient problem solvers.

When you hire the PSI Team, you not only get process piping, fire protection, HVAC and electrical services, you also benefit by our award-winning safety program, our commitment to community and a warranty that goes well beyond the industry standard.

Be efficient with your time, and trust PSI to be efficient with your piping project. I promise in the long run, you will be thrilled. Have any questions? Drop us an email, psi@PipingSystemsIns.com or give us a call today at 508.644.2221.