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Increasing Performance With Viega Outlet Fittings

Published January 27, 2020

Increasing Performance With Viega Outlet Fittings

Finding ways to effectively creating ever-increasingly complex piping systems throughout industrial applications and new project construction is a constant challenge. At PSI we strive to provide solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient, which are two of the reasons we are purchasing and offering the new Viega press adapters in combination with the press in-branch tool kit to complete press joining in pipes of all sizes. 

This is a system for press joining and branch installation that is simple and effective to use, making short work out of adding different fittings, including mechanical tees, into any piping system. The Viega system is easy to use in any application, offering solutions that allow for the precision drilling of holes in the pipe as well as the correct positioning of the specialized fittings. 

Currently, the system and the fittings are used for water applications, but they will soon be used for steam, oil and gas, and other types of operations and applications. Fittings are available in both copper and stainless steel, with 400 different fittings in copper and 350 different engineered fittings available in stainless steel. 

The Operation Basics 

The system itself uses a drill guide that fits over the pipe, allowing for precision drilling of the holes into the pipe based on the specific pipe size and location. The drilling guide also offers a vacuum connection, reducing the risk of metal shards and chips entering into the pipe during the drilling operation. The specially designed and engineered fittings are then positioned in another alignment guide over the drilled hole, and a press tool is used to quickly and accurately position the fitting in the pipe. 

Based on the specific use, Viega fittings come with sealing elements already in place, and these can be selected based on the specifics of the application. EDPM, FKM, and HNBR sealing elements are available on both the stainless steel and the copper fittings. The use of the press tool positions the connection and also creates the expansion that holds the branch connection in place. 

Once the press tool is used, the fitting is in place and sealed, eliminating the risk of any leaks. This is not only helpful in speeding up the process of making branch connections but also eliminates a lot of the issues with holes drilled in the pipe at an angle and the challenge of working with standard types of branch connector systems. 

This tool and the use of the connectors is not only faster and more efficient, but it is going to result in reduced costs of installation for our customers. Adding this technology to our toolkit allows PSI to provide our customers with the best options for completing their job.