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Why Should I Have a Fire Inspection Contract?

Published May 20, 2019

Why Should I Have a Fire Inspection Contract?

Depending on the type of business you have, the risk of fire may be something that is on the top of your radar or something that is way down near the bottom.

However, fire is a very real concern on any commercial property and in any industrial setting.

Some types of operations, including production, manufacturing and fabrication types of operations are seen as higher risk, particularly if equipment, machines, and systems are in constant operations. Even in office buildings, on campuses and throughout retail outlets the risk of electrical shorts, accidental fires and other factors can contribute to the risk.

Today, businesses and commercial properties of all types are required to have fire suppression systems. These fire suppression systems are the overhead fire sprinklers that can be found in any building. Installing these systems in the building may be the first step, but ensuring they will work if needed is another consideration altogether.

Having A Contract

All existing fire sprinkler systems in commercial properties require inspection. These inspections are set forth by the National Fire Protection Association and are contained in NFPA 25.

Having a contract to complete the fire inspection or the fire sprinkler system inspection is one way to avoid overlooking or completely overlooking the inspection requirement. Different systems have different inspection requirements, which can range from monthly to quarterly or semi-annually to annually.

Having a contract in place for inspection of the sprinkler system is more than just being in compliance with regulations. It is also about protecting your equipment, your assets, and your employees.

With regular inspections as required under the code, you have the peace of mind in knowing that if a fire does occur, the sprinkler system is operational and will function to provide the fire suppression solutions to minimize damage and assist in reducing the spread of the fire and the subsequent potential damage.

Typically, the fire inspection contract provides specific information on what and how the inspection is completed. This includes the visual inspection, which looks for specific types of damage that may occur from corrosion, impact damage or other types of problems.

Additionally, the inspection also runs tests on the system. These ensure that the fire sprinklers are able to provide the water flow and dispersal necessary to be effective at controlling a fire should there be a need. These tests include both flow tests as well as pressure tests, allowing for any valves, joints or sprinkler nozzles that need repair or replacement to be identified and fixed.

For many businesses, having a fire inspection contract is a simple way to help to reduce insurance costs for the building. Saving costs, improving safety and protecting your assets are all top reasons to have a customized contract in place for your fire suppression system.