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Published May 6, 2016


Proper signage is an important step towards maintaining your fire protection system

Quick! Guess the name of the band and the year that this song was released.

Okay, I must admit that I had to look it up myself. Signs is a song released in 1971 by the Canadian rock group, Five Man Electrical Band. The song title segues to my topic today.

Most commercial buildings have what’s referred to as a “Sprinkler Room,” which is usually a centrally-located, heated and secure area where the water shut-off valves, air and water pressure gauges and tamper switches are located. These are all components of the fire protection system.

Oftentimes, when we perform a sprinkler inspection, we find all sorts of things in the sprinkler room that really don’t belong there: mop buckets, boxes of spare light bulbs, ladders, garden hoses, stock inventory, etc. Sometimes sprinkler rooms are used as the last stop before items get thrown out in the trash.

When the local fire department or insurance company comes by for an inspection or surprise visit, they expect to see the sprinkler room clearly marked with a sign similar to that in the photo. Control valves and tamper switches should also be clearly marked. Easy access to the sprinkler room is another important part of your overall building maintenance program. Keep the room well-lit and protect your investment in the building by properly maintaining your fire protection system.

We can help. Did you know that PSI offers 24-hour service on fire protection systems for our clients? Contact us today to get more information on our Sprinkler Inspection Service Agreements at 508.644.2221. Greg or Sharron will be happy to help you.