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The Essential Role Of Licensed Technicians

Published April 6, 2020

The Essential Role Of Licensed Technicians

There are several ways that service companies can try to cut their costs of doing business. A common cost-cutting measure that is seen in any industry, including plumbing, electrical, fire protection and HVAC services, is to hire unlicensed people to provide repair and service work.

While this may initially cut the costs, there is a price to pay. Unfortunately, once a service company has a reputation for sending unlicensed people to work on their customer’s commercial business, it is almost impossible to gain a positive reputation in their community again.

Hiring licensed technicians is a sign of quality standard for any service company. It demonstrates to their customers that they are focused on the best possible service by sending experienced, educated, and knowledgeable professionals on any service call, even the small ones that may not sound like a significant problem.

Business owners should also be aware of the risks involved in hiring unlicensed professionals and the benefits of hiring licensed technicians. Most consumers are increasingly focused on ensuring only licensed technicians work on their heating, plumbing, fire protection and HVAC systems, and they take the time to review information on websites and company feedback and review sites before hiring.

Business owners should also be aware of the risks involved in hiring unlicensed professionals and the benefits of hiring licensed technicians.

The benefits of hiring a licensed technician in any trade include the following:

Know the Regulations and Codes

For companies providing HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, or electrical work on commercial buildings and property, hiring licensed technicians ensures that all work is done to code. This is not only important for a service company, but it is critical for a commercial business owner.

Having the work done to code means it is done correctly, without the risk of faulty plumbing causing leaks or defective electrical or HVAC work increasing the risk of fires.

Understand Professional Responsibility

Licensed technicians have experience in following protocols and procedures, as well as being responsible for professional and ethical standards. By choosing someone committed to these types of standards, the customer has the added advantage of a job that is done correctly, to code and regulations, and that is done to last, not just to last for a short time only to fail again.

Insured to Eliminate Your Liability

For commercial property owners, hiring independent licensed technicians or companies that are fully insured, licensed, and bonded eliminates the risk of any injuries that happen on your property, becoming your liability and financial responsibility.

Additionally, by hiring licensed professionals for the job, any damage done to your property by the company is also covered by their liability insurance. 

Know Equipment and Services Beyond the Basics

There are many unlicensed people who know a significant amount about working in their trade or across more than one trade. However, they do not have the training and the expertise that is provided by both coursework as well as the apprenticeship that is required for licensing.

This can make the difference in having confidence in the repair or installation or having to deal with increased costs when further problems are discovered at a later point in time.