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Jason Teixeira


Jason Teixeira

Published April 18, 2020

Jason Teixeira

Jason Teixeira has been with Piping Systems Ins for 21 years starting as an apprentice plumber while attending night school for other trade licenses such as pipefitting and sprinklerfitting and now holds Journeyman licenses for all in MA and RI.

During Jay’s time with PSI, he has worked very hard to be the best of the best and it has shown in the projects he has managed as a foreman. Jay is currently a Project Manager where he utilizes his expertise and high efficiency to make sure that all projects are manned, supplied, safely maintained and are completed on time and within budget. With certification from PHCC for Project Management, Jay has exceled in his Project Management position since August 2020.

Jay has been engaged and has a beautiful 8 year old daughter who loves gymnastics. Jay enjoys vacationing and amusement parks with his family and has a green thumb with his collection of rare tropical plants.