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2021 Tee for Cancer Free Sponsors

My Megan and The Memorial Fund

So many of you have given so generously to this year’s Tee For Cancer Free Golf Event. So I thought I’d share this video we put together all about the life of my Megan and the history of the memorial fund and tournament. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

A Research Update from Karl Simin, PhD

Dr. Simin is the head researcher at U Mass on Metastatic Breast Cancer, so we asked him to share an update with all of you to know where your support dollars are going. Here’s his report:

I am very excited about the continuing support by the Megan Lally Memorial Foundation. The mission of my lab has been to improve our understanding of the molecular pathways that drive cancer progression to malignancy. Our focus lately has been studying breast tumor “organoids”.

We grow the organoids in conditions that more closely mimics three-dimensional growth in the human body, in contrast to the traditional process of growing cells on the flat bottom of a petri dish. We are testing if the organoids harbor a subset of “cancer stem cells”, which could explain the aggressiveness of the tumors and/or their resistance to drug treatments.

A goal of mine is to pair these studies with clinical trials, particularly breast cancer trials, at the UMass Cancer Center. We think this approach will help us determine the effectiveness of new cancer treatments.

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