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Encourage Giving Over The Holiday Season

Published December 2, 2019

Encourage Giving Over The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time when people are open to the spirit of giving, regardless of the holiday traditions they follow. A small business or a large corporation can maximize this trend and encourage giving within their employees to add to the sense of workplace culture and pride in the company.

Community Charities

One of the ways that any business can encourage employees to get into the holiday spirit of giving is to have a specific type of drive or collection for a local community charity. Many charities are involved in collecting toys for children, food for families, or in providing food, shelter, and provisions for the homeless over the holiday season. Be sure to check with any local or community charity to know what they can accept and what they are collecting.

These are relatively simple to organize at a company. A large box or donation collection area can be set up, and employees then bring in items or donate money to the designated coordinator. Setting these programs up to run a week or a few days is the most effective way to collect items or funds; just be sure to give people advanced time to prepare how they want to donate or contribute.

Community Volunteering

Most charities and community programs designed to help out locally are always in need of volunteers at this time of year. These may be people to deliver food baskets or gifts to families, or even to visit local nursing homes, hospice facilities or hospitals and spread some holiday cheer.

Employees can suggest programs or ways to help out in the community. Often the creativity and ideas provided by the company staff can develop company traditions around the holiday season that make staff feel great about participating in and contributing to on an annual basis.

Secret Santa Programs

Internal giving within the business can also be encouraged. A Secret Santa program is always fun, and by setting limits on the total value of the gift, it is comfortable for everyone to participate.

Many companies set a gift limit of $25 or less. All employees put their names in a draw, and then they pull one name out, keeping that name secret. The name they draw is the person they buy the gift for during the exchange.

Host a party, usually the last afternoon or evening of work before the holidays, and have everyone label their gift for the recipient. The recipient then unwraps the gift and has 3 tries to guess their Secret Santa. If they cannot, the Secret Santa can identify his or her self. Some companies have the Secret Santa write a clue as to their identity on the gift card, which adds a lot of fun and discussion to the guessing game.

Taking the time to give generously at this time of year is for everyone. Companies and businesses can also do their part to add to the spirit of the season.