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Antelopes for a Cure

Published December 16, 2013

Antelopes for a Cure

I had an amazing daughter, Megan, for 30 years. She was a beautiful, energetic, creative, and inspiring person who loved to run and knit, but two years ago, she died from metastatic breast cancer. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to ever put into words the heartbreak of losing a child. It’s immeasurable and without her, there is such a massive blank spot in so many lives. But Megan was never one to let anything, even cancer, keep her down, and after she was gone, I decided to do the same. Her memory has a right to live on, and keep on creating, just like she did.

Last year, my son-in-law, Rusty, started something special that would help us keep her running. To the very last, Megan wanted to help find a cure for the disease that was taking away her life, and we’re going to keep that effort going with the Megan Lally Memorial Fund, Ins. In 2012, a group of Megan’s friends founded the race, the Run Like an Antelope Megan Lally Memorial 5K, and to date, have raised over $40,000 for cancer research centers. During the summer 2013 race alone, $15,000 in donations was raised, and 100% of the net proceeds went straight into the

UMass Cancer Center, and didn’t stop there! Later, I did a 60-mile walk, along with a friend I picked up along the way, for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and raised $9,000 for cancer research, and while it was certainly exhausting, it felt so good to cross that. finish line. When I look at those numbers, it takes my breath away. Megan’s last treatments were experimental; she wanted her cancer, a senseless, irrational disease, to mean something bigger than just one woman’s suffering. We couldn’t keep her alive, but we’re determined to keep the research going so women like Megan all around the world will have a better future. I think it’s what Megan would have wanted, and I hope we are making her proud.

By Pauline L Lally, Megan’s Mom

We had a great time running for Megan, and daughters out there like her, and we have an amazing crew to thank for it. The Antelope All Stars, The Worcester Hibernian, Cultural Centre, Central Mass Striders, and Fiddler’s Green Pub —it couldn’t have been done without these fine people! The sponsors, Wachusett Brewing Company, Keurig, Travel Health of NH, the doctors and researchers at UMass Cancer Center, and most importantly — you, were once again fantastic, and made this another amazing tribute to Megan’s life. We’ll be running again next year, and many more to come — because so many lives depend on it! Thank you for helping us to make this a reality, and keeping Megan with all of us. We’ll see you next time, Antelopes!

– Alex, John, Rusty, Sarah, Terri and Vicki

If you want to know more about Megan, the fund and our crew, check out: www.meganlallymemorialfund.org.